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Industrial Control Software

具有自主知識產權的CLKZ 系列主控軟件及NUT 系列監控軟件系統。全新的CLKZ2013 主控軟件存在于春龍精選日本或歐洲進口主控單元內。它采用全新的控制算法,加入了目前實時控制技術中最先進的自動循環PID 調節系統,使控制精度得以大大提高。同時由于采用了全新一代的數字控制模塊,使擰緊速度得以大大提升,從而使整個設備更好的滿足用戶需求,跟隨并超越國際同行業的領先水平,同時保持春龍牌擰緊機控制方式的獨特性。

NUT2013 軟件是春龍自主開發的智能電動擰緊機實時監控管理軟件??赏瓿蓪Χ噍S扭矩及角度等參數的設定、擰緊過程的實時監測、監控及工作過程數據的存儲與管理等功能。本軟件運行于windows XP 平臺,顯示內容豐富直觀,人機界面友好,易于學習掌握。強大的在線“幫助”功能使操作者在使用和維護中可隨時得到支持和幫助。

Industry Control Software

There are proprietary intellectual property rights for CLKZ series main control software and NUT series monitoring software system. Completely new CLKZ2013 main control software is set in main control unit imported from Japan or Europe, which adopts completely new control algorithm and improves control precision greatly, Automatic cycle PID regulating system, the most advanced in real-time control technology, is added into CLKZ2013. A wholly new generation of digital control module is also used, because of which, tightening speed is greatly promoted, Thus the whole equipment can better meet customer’s requirement.
NUT2013 software is independently developed real-time monitoring management software for intelligent electric tightening machine, It is able to set multiple –shaft torque and angle, monitor and measure in real time during tightening process, as well as store and manage data of working process. This software is running on Windows XP platform with rich and intuitive display. Friendly human-computer interface makes operation easy to learn. Operators can get support and help in use and maintenance with powerful online assistance function.